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The Process of Building a Website

When it comes to website creation, we use a step-by-step approach in order to ensure that we deliver as per the client instructions and specifications. Our process works around 6 key steps as described in this page.

Web Design at Certified Business Solutions of Clio1. Design a Creative Brief

2. Planning Phase

3. Design Phase

4. Coding (Building Phase)

5. Implementation Phase

6. Maintenance (Optional)

 Our certified web developers use the following process when building clients’ websites;

1. Design a Creative Brief

This is the initial step in our creation process. Designing a brief is arguably the most important step of the entire process as it gives our developers an opportunity to learn what the client wants. Using a set of structured questions, clients will be able to cover all aspects of a website such as target audience, goals of the website (what the website aims to achieve), branding, budget as well as deadlines.

Once we have all the necessary information from the client, we will then proceed to the planning phase.

2. Planning Phase

This step is heavily dependent on the first step as we’ll be using the information obtained in the first stage to plan how we’ll build the site. In this phase, we conduct research on business offering similar products or services in order to learn and predict what the site will look like. This will help us to avoid creating a website similar to your competition.

The planning phase is also where we mock-ups. We will use these mock-ups to give you a certain prediction or overview of how the finished site will look like. We’ll take the client through each aspect of the website as well as make changes as per client’s modifications.

Finally, we will identify which tools to work with in order to achieve the client’s results. For example, for e-commerce websites, we might choose to work with WooCommerce instead of Wix to create your web store.

3. Design Phase

This step basically involves gathering all information and designing the layout of the clients’ website adding graphics and colors. In this stage, liaising with the client is important in order to show them the progress before we get into the coding phase.

4. Construction Phase (building phase)

In this step, we will begin adding functionality to the website. In this stage will begin creating a custom template using HTML and CSS. We will create layouts as well as carry out rigorous test in order to ensure all call-to-action buttons are responsive and ensure that the site is compatible with mobile devices and other screen sizes. Once we’re done with this step, we will run the finished website by you in order for you to validate it and give use the go-ahead to launch it.

5. Implementation Phase 

The implementation phase is where we launch the finished website to the public. Implementation is different for different clients. For publishing platforms or content management systems, implementation may mean application of a new theme, but for development of an entire site, it means importing files to a server.

6. Maintenance (Optional)

The final step involves website maintenance. At this point, we will continue to work on your website periodically (on an agreed cost) or leave the client to handle the website maintenance as discussed in the planning phase.

If the client opts to maintain the website themselves, we will provide them with information and training on how to go about it. Every website comes with 1 hour of remote training.

Overall, our web design process involves these 6 steps, creating a brief, the planning phase, design phase, coding (building phase), implementation phase and continuous website maintenance. For more information about our certified business solutions, call us or visit our Michigan office today.

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