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A full service company with small town feel. We help everyone from single proprietor to medium size businesses with their online presence.
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We a full list of service however here are some of our popular choices.

Website Design

Let us handle your new website from ground up. You should call us toady, you will be glad you did.

Content Writing

Let the Pros write your content for you. We can't wait to get started.

Social Management

Don't know where to start or just don't have the time for Social Media? We can manage it for you. Just sit back and relax.

Business Citations

Get your business listed online at several of the top directories.

SEO & Website Audits

Who has time to read through all those pages of "Best Pratices"? Oh, that's right we do and we love it.

Logo Work

Need a logo or logo update.We can create on fast for your business. 

Online Marketing

Don't get lost in all the choices of online marketing, we will make it easy for you. We work with all budgets.

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Creating Professional Website Designs in Michigan


Do you want to make your website stand out from the competition? Then let us help you. We understand the need of having a unique design that you can be proud of for your business. We at Certified Business Solutions provide professional website designs for small businesses, start-ups, large corporations, and individuals who want to develop and maintain their online presence.

Our goal is to provide you with a website design that will make visitors intrigued with what you have to offer to them. Not only will they stay on the website, but they will also visit the other pages to get to know you and your organization better.

Our list of clients grows each day. They come from all across Michigan and the nearby regions. When you employ our services, we will turn your concepts and ideas into reality. Just tell us what you want and the goals you want to achieve with your website, and our team will do the rest.

Why Choose Certified Business Solutions

We at Certified Business Solutions offer professional website design in Michigan. We want to provide our clients with top quality website designs at competitive rates. We guarantee that we will not sacrifice quality of the design to provide affordable rates for our customers. The end result will be a website that will be an asset to your business.

We at Certified Business Solutions have been in the business since 2002. We started out as a consulting firm but ventured out to web design and other services as we learn new skills and gained additional members to our team.

And because we love what we do, we are passionate about every project we get. Before the start of the design process, we talk with our clients to find out their web design ideas and what they want to achieve with their website. Then we will consider their requirements and preferences to come up with a professional design.

Not only will get a well-designed website, we can help ensure that your brand’s online presence is improved. The customized design will allow your website to stand out from your competitors. We make sure that the website conveys the right message to your target market, and at the same time add value to your brand.

Feel free to browse through the other pages of our website to find out about our other services. Aside from professional website design, we also offer SEO for business, content writing, social media management, and logo design and artwork, just to name a few.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team will be more than happy to provide answers to your questions as soon as possible. You don’t need to worry about tech jargons. They will provide the answers in terms that you will understand. So what are you waiting for? Call now.

Some of our Clients

City of Croswell
Bois Plumbing
Payne Mechanical
Sanborn Storage

Joe's Sports Pub

Shark Window 

Twins Pizza

Skateland Arena
Franklin Benefits
Independent Reality
Headwater Boats

Charger Holdings

Clio Country Club

Kirk Todd Garage

St. Mary School
Conlee Oil
Union Prescription
Deans Pest Control

St Robert


Independent Realty

Regional Inspection
Shaheen Dental
Michigan Merchants
Advanced Appliance

Clio Computers

All Fab Weld

Wilhelm Storage